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nec eu, vis detraxit periculis ex,
nihil expetendis in mei.

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oh Darling! Let's be adventurers

Custom gift set

I wanted to give Riek something special as we went into our first year “officially together”. (Little did I know that we would have proposed by the time I gave this to him!) So what do you give someone that you’ve known for 20 years? I thought back to when we were kids and being a sucker for sentiment and nostalgia I decided on a scout inspired theme. We both grew up doing “Voortrekkers” which was the Afrikaans version of Scouts. I started with badges to award him and had them embroidered. Next I designed little envelopes to put them in and added a description on the back of each describing the criteria for the badge. My plan was to give the gift seconds into the new year to mark our adventure – hence the title “Oh Darling, let’s be adventurers!” Of course it had to be designed into a logo – graphic designer necessity. To toast to our new commitment I had 2 tin cups engraved with the logo and included a small bottle of Old Brown Sherry. I also designed, printed and hand bound a journal to plan our adventures for the year and document it with notes, sketches and photos. In short, an adventure scrapbook. I packaged the whole set in a wooden box with the logo illustrated on the lid.